This article is intended to share the basics of retirement investing for someone who wants to get started. Retirement investing is a lot easier than you may think. Even basic financial knowledge can make a big difference in your retirement savings. I’m not a professional investor, but investing and financial literacy are my passions. My goal is that this article will help put more money in your pocket.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Here are seven principles to get started with retirement investing.

Principle 1: The only person that cares about your money is you.

The financial industry makes a killing from our financial ignorance. Financial advisors get paid a lot of different ways, and some of…

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Every organization should promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Today, this statement is obvious, uncontroversial, and broadly accepted in companies. Workplace diversity is the right thing to do, and it’s linked to increased productivity and profits for the company. The fact that this evidence hasn’t eradicated workplace discrimination points to an issue that runs deep.

Overt discrimination is rare these days. Most people don’t see themselves as prejudiced. We assume that if discrimination is happening, it’s intentional and ‘it’s someone else, not me, doing it.’ …

Sonja Schurig

Director of Product Management at Degreed. Passionate problem solver.

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